Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Bella's Baby Bunnies on SL

I hope you all had a wonderful St. Patty's day. RL was pretty uneventful but SL was rocking. The first ay of the Secret Sale is off to a good start! Several people have taken advantage of the great discount. Make sure you stop by Bella's and get your bunny at these great prices! We have a HUGE stock of bunnies all ready to go. Easter is coming up and a baby bunny makes a wonderful present......we can even put an Easter Basket together for you!

It seems like everybody is settling in to this update and gettit worked out. I still have 5 in a folder that the reset on our sim messed up and I am waiting to hear back from Ozimals on wether they will straighten them out of not. Other than that the bunnies are settled in and nests are beginning to appear everywhere.....before i could even get bonds set up LOL

My first mutant was born today!!! WOO HOO! It is a Mini-Rex Chocolate with a white leg. I have heard he is really cute but, haven't gotten to see him yet. A friend of mine had my female to mate with his male (I gave him the male as a gift but, claimed sperm rights LOL). Not sure if I will get to seem him because my friend has promised the bunny to a griend of his. (Not sure where the sperm rights went in there but, ya know..friends are friends) So, I am excited to know that I do have some funky genes in my bunnies lol.

That's about all for today. Make sure you get your totem and get your bunnies updated to v1.2 and make sure you get your Cabbage Patch and get it in your pen to start getting those food benefits!

Happy Hopping!