Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ozimals St. Patricks Day Gift Cabbage Patch

Ozimals has been kind enough to give everyone a St. Patty's day gift. It is a Cabbage Patch and when you rez it near your bunnies it will extend their food a little longer and save you some money. Anyone older than 30 days old can get it on SL. Here is what Ozimals says about it in the release notecard....
The Ozimals Irish Cabbage Patch will be offering a bunny bonus from Monday, March 15 – Friday, March 20. The bonus will reduce the amount of food and water the bunnies in proximity to the Cabbage Patch need to consume to stay full and satisfied.
They do not stack so don' think that if you put 10 in there they will add on longer cause it won't. It does only work on the first 16 bunnies though so if you have a combo pen with someone else have them rezz theirs on the other side of the pen if you have more than 16 bunnies or seperate the bunnies into two sections. You can only get one Cabbage Patch per person! You can get your Cabbage Patch at the following locations.....

Happy Hopping!