Monday, April 19, 2010


The Enyo Twins just sent out this notecard and I wanted to make sure that everybody got this message.  Please read the following information release 4/18/10....


It has come to our attention that there is a serious and possibly widespread problem with the dispenser system for users using the optional included server.

Without getting technical, the problem is that in regions with serious lag the dispensers could receive too many food/water from the server.

We would advise all our Bunnies Food Dispenser customers who also use the included BFD server to take caution of this, and follow the instructions

below to retrieve any lost food. The Ozimals team has personally notified us that several of their customers have deleted their dispensers believing

there was no food left in them. We apologize to all our customers who may have deleted their food.

We also apologize to the Ozimals team for all the trouble this has caused them, and are now keeping the Ozimals team up to date about any bugs found in our products,

so that they can notify you, the users should anything very problematic come up.

Version 1.3 is currently in (heavy) beta testing, and we HOPE to have it released by the end of the day tomorrow (April 19th).

Until then, please take extreme caution when using the included BFD Server.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience/financial loss this may caused our customers and the Ozimals team.

Another important note is that you must make sure to set your dispensers to the correct land group that owns the land,

otherwise if auto return is on, the parcel CAN end up deleting your food because it is auto returned.

>>>>> Please direct all support requests by NOTECARD to Lilin Enyo. <<<<<

~Instructions for checking your dispensers~

1. Did you delete a dispenser? If you did not empty your trash yet, please recover it from trash.

2. Rez, right click your dispenser and select edit.

3. Go to the contents tab.

4. If any food is inside the dispenser, select it all and drag it out of the dispenser and into your inventory.


Trying to delete a dispenser that has food inside it will on normal SL viewers give a warning that you are deleting

a object that has no copy items inside it (food). If you get this warning, do not delete your dispenser!

Additionally, sometimes you may not see the food right away when checking a dispenser, this is because your SL viewer stores

a cache of the contents of the objects inventory, and it may take some time for it to update. To force a update of this cache,

you can edit another object, then go back to to the dispenser again and check it's contents.



-Bugfix: Removed tree stump message spam.

-Changed: Dispensers time system should now be able to handle regions with extreme lag.

-Added: Extra safety checks just to make sure no extra food is received by a dispenser.

-Added: Text display will now show any extra food if it has any in it's inventory. (Extra safety)

-Added: Warning/preventing of dispensers rezzing food with wrong group set.

Thanks to beta testers; Blake Hammerer, Katje Clarity, Kegan Loon, llvllo Fizzle, Sprite Zahm

You received this notecard/message because you are in the Enyo Twins Update Group.

You are in the group because you purchased a Enyo Twins product.

If you do not wish to be in this group anymore, feel free to visit our mainstore and click

the group terminal to leave the group.

-Enyo Twins