Saturday, April 17, 2010


If you have a version 1.1 nest (the easiest way to tell is if your nest has a countdown timer in the text that floats above it, it is a v1.1 nest) and you didn't turn it in when they did the Bunnybury collection there is hope! You don't need to let your nest expire and you don't need to birth it to be able to save it.  Here is what you do.  Make sure that it has the Text on and it is v1.1 then, create a folder that says [your name -1] without the [ ], pick up the nest and put it in that folder.  If you have more than 35 nests then you need to make another folder for the next 35 named [your name - 2] and you keep making folders till all of your nests in your inventory.  The next time Ozimals does a nest collection you are ready to go.  All you will have to do is drag your folders to the Toto statue and it will credit you with the coins. 

BUT have to have the text on, it has to be v1.1 (unless Ozimals opens it up to all nests), the nest has to be labeled [your name - 1] without the [ ] and you can only have 35 in each folder.  That's it! I hope this helps you not loose your investment in your nests

Happy sHopping!