Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Update is Out v 1.2

The newest and most awaited update is now out for Ozimals Bunnies. It is version v1.2 and you can get your updater totem at the Ozimals Store or on Xstreet by using this link

If you are getting a warning that says your bunny is not the right version with your food it is because the update needs to be done on the bunnies. Once you do the update that message will dissapear.

The greatest thing about this update is that it takes off the expiration date on the nests....THANK GOD! At my store on SL Bella's Baby Bunnies I am running a special sale. I will be linking the post in from the Ozimals website so watch for it soon!..This is a silent sale so shhhhh. lol Some annoying things is they have lengthened the cooldown period but, they extended the bonding time so that will help a lot. Let me know what you think abou tthe new update! Happy Hopping!